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Elizabeth Hendrickson

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Assistant Professor

Dr. Hendrickson teaches the journalism capstone course, JEM 499: Media Business and the Future of Journalism, and JEM 415: Magazine Industry Workshop. Previous teaching includes graduate-level courses such as case study methodology in media studies and qualitative research methods, and undergraduate classes such as principles of American journalism, feature writing and magazine design. She is the 2013-2014 Office of Information Technology Faculty Fellow and recipient of the 2013 CCI Faculty Innovative Technology Teaching Award. 

Her research interests include social media cultivation, media adoption and adaptive learning of new technology, and the organizational communication systems found within various mediums. Her recent studies have examined the impact of technological innovation on media content creators, the many dimensions of Twitter use, how computer mediated communication can operate as an organizational tool, and how consumers of celebrity texts utilize health messages.

She has published research in International Symposium on Online Journalism, Journal of Magazine and New Media Research, Celebrity Studies, Journalism Practice. She is the 2012-2013 AEJMC Magazine Division research chair.

Dr. Hendrickson was an entertainment editor for NYC-based magazines such as Glamour, Ladies' Home Journal and First for Women before obtaining her graduate degrees.

325 Communications Building
Office Hours: 
Monday 1 – 4 OIT (5th Fl., Greve Hall); Tuesday 1 – 5 OIT; Wednesday 12:20 – 2:15 JEM 415 (COM. 310), 2:30 – 5 JEM 325 office; Thursday 2 – 5 OIT; Friday 12:20 – 2:15 JEM 415 (COM. 310), 2:30 – 5 JEM 325

B.J., M.A., Ph.D, University of Missouri School of Journalism

Research Interests: 
Media adoption of communication technologies
Social media cultivation
Computer mediated communication
Cultural production
Adaptive learning and technology