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Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame

The Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame was established in 1966 as a joint project of the Tennessee Press Association and the University of Tennessee. The Hall of Fame honors those who have made an outstanding contribution to Tennessee Newspaper journalism or, through Tennessee journalism, to newspaper journalism generally, or who have made an extraordinary contribution to their communities and region, or the state, through newspaper journalism.
Background and requirements for nomination.

Induction Year: 1979
Tom Little Tom Little 1898-1972
  • The Tennessean, Nashville
Ralph McGill Ralph McGill 1898-1969
  • Nashville Banner
  • Atlanta Constitution
Loye W. Miller Loye W. Miller 1899-1979
  • The Evansville (In.) Press
  • The Cleveland (Oh.) Press
  • The Knoxville News
  • The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Quincy Marshall O'Keefe Quincy Marshall O'Keefe 1866-1958
  • The Greeneville Democrat-Sun
William B. Scott William B. Scott 1821-1885
  • The Colored Tennessean, Nashville
  • The Maryville Republican
Induction Year: 1975
Guy L. Smith Jr. Guy L. Smith Jr. 1898-1968
  • Bristol Bulletin
  • Johnson City Staff News
  • Johnson City Press-Chronicle
  • The Knoxville Journal
Bert Vincent Bert Vincent 1896-1969
  • Kansas City Star
  • Evansville Press
  • The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Induction Year: 1973
John. W. Finney John. W. Finney 1900-1965
  • The Daily Herald, Columbia
  • The Maury Democrat, Columbia
Edward J. Meeman Edward J. Meeman 1889-1966
  • Evansville Press
  • The Knoxville News
  • The Knoxville News-Sentinel
  • Memphis Press-Scimitar
Edward B. Stahlman Edward B. Stahlman 1843-1930
  • Nashville Banner
Induction Year: 1971
Guy Easterly Guy Easterly 1901-1963
  • The Middlesboro (Ky.) Daily News
  • The Cumberland Courier, Pineville, Ky.
  • The LaFollette Press
  • The Advance-Sentinel, Jellico
James I. Finney James I. Finney 1877-1931
  • McMinnville New Era
  • The Daily Herald, Columbia
  • Nashville American
  • The Tennessean, Nashville
Henry G. Rice Henry G. Rice 1880-1954
  • Atlanta Journal
  • Cleveland News
  • The Tennessean, Nashville
  • New York Tribune
  • New York Herald-Tribune
Albert Roberts Albert Roberts 1835-1895
  • Republican Banner, Nashville
  • Montgomery Mail
  • Chattanooga Rebel
  • The Nashville American
  • Southern Lumberman, Nashville
Induction Year: 1969
George Armistead George H. Armistead 1861-1950
  • Nashville American
  • New York World
  • Nashville Daily News
  • The Review Appeal, Franklin
  • Nashville Banner
William G. Brownlow William G. Brownlow 1805-1877
  • The Tennessee Whig, Elizabethton
  • The Jonesboro Whig
  • The Knoxville Whig
Edward W. Carmack Edward W. Carmack 1858-1908
  • Columbia Herald
  • Nashville American
  • Nashville Democrat
  • The Commercial Appeal, Memphis
  • The Tennessean, Nashville
Benjamin F. Dill Benjamin F. Dill 1814-1866
  • The Memphis Appeal
Sillman Evans Sillman Evans 1894-1955
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • The Tennessean, Nashville
  • Chicago Sun
Charles Patrick Joseph Mooney Charles Patrick Joseph Mooney 1865-1926
  • Graphic, Press-Eagle, Pine Bluff, Ark.
  • Avalanche, Scimitar, Memphis
  • The Commercial Appeal, Memphis
  • News, New York
  • New York American
  • Examiner, Chicago
Adolph S. Ochs Adolph S. Ochs 1858-1935
  • Knoxville Chronicle
  • Louisville Courier Journal
  • Knoxville Tribune
  • Chattanooga Dispatch
  • The Chattanooga Times
  • The New York Times
Franc M. Paul Franc M. Paul 1833-1890
  • Chattanooga Rebel
  • The Knoxville Tribune
  • Chattanooga Dispatch
George Roulstone George Roulstone 1767-1804
  • Knoxville Gazette
  • Knoxville Register
  • Genius of Liberty, Knoxville
  • Impartial Observer, Knoxville
William Rule William Rule 1839-1928
  • The Knoxville Whig
  • The Knoxville Chronicle
  • The Knoxville Journal