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The Tennessee Journalism Series

Going Online Book CoverGoing Online

by James Glen Stovall & Margaret Cate Grigsby

High school journalism students, most of them in most places, are learning the journalism of the past. They need to be learning the journalism of the 21st century.

Going Online is a book that will help students look into the future.

What it will show them is not a dying profession but one that has a bright future and is full of promise and opportunities.

Designed by the people who helped create and maintain the Interscholastic Online News Network (ISONN), Going Online presents brief, practical lessons in the journalism of today and tomorrow. It shows teaches and students how they can practice journalism on a daily or hourly basis, something they were unable to do before the advent of the World Wide Web.

Using the system built by ISONN, Going Online gives step-by-step instructions on how to build and maintain a news website for any group of high school students. It also explains, in lively and expert langauge, the thinking behind many of the new concepts and practices that young journalists must experience in this brave new world.

In Going Online, you’ll find sections on
-- building and managing a news website for your students
-- writing for the web
-- photojournalism
-- building an audio slideshow
-- using audio and video to enhance your website
-- how to think about design (it’s not what you think)
-- most importantly, how to prepare for a future in online journalism

That’s what makes Going Online an important books for the future of your journalism students.

And, as with all of the books in the Tennessee Journalism Series, Going Online contains a bonus chapter on the First Amendment, including the freedoms it protects, the history of the amendment, and the importance it has to today’s society.