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The Tennessee Journalism Series

The Tennessee Journalism Series from the University of Tennessee

The Tennessee Journalism Series is a set of texts and instructional material developed by the faculty of the University of Tennessee School of Journalism and Electronic Media for journalism and instructors around the world. The idea behind the series is “multimedia first.” That is, these books are built for the iPad and contain a variety of multimedia elements: text, audio, video, photo galleries, interactive images, and interactive reviews and quizzes.

At present, 9 books are available on the iBooks Store for downloading to an iPad (read more about each by clicking on the titles):

Introduction to
An Introduction
Photojournalism Media Reporting
Intro to Journalism Book Cover Reporting: An Introduction Book Cover Photojournalism Book Cover Media Reporting iPad Cover
The First
Writing Like a
Going Online Feature Writing
The First Amendment Book Cover Writing Like a Journalist Book Cover Going Online Book Cover Feature Writing iPad Cover Image
The Devil and
His Due
Seeing Suffrage Video Journalism How to get a Job
as an On Air Journalist
The Devil and His Due, Penny Press iBook cover image Seeing Suffrage Book Cover Video Journalism iBook Cover How to get a job as an on air journalist Book Cover

Kindle and print versions of these books are also available, but they, of course, do not contain all of the multimedia elements found in the iPad versions. These versions do have links to some of the multimedia elements that can be found on the web.

Other books under development include texts on sports journalism, audio journalism and video journalism. Various aspects of the history of journalism and journalism ethics will also appear as titles in this series.