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Beverly Banks

  • UTK Journalism Student Spends Summer on Capitol Hill

    Beverly Banks, right, shakes hands with Senator Bob Corker on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building

    Beverly Banks is a junior journalism major at the University of Tennessee. Over the summer she had the opportunity to work in Washington DC in the office of Senator Bob Corker. 

    The three-month experience allowed Banks to have inside access to congressional meetings and procedures. Primarily, she worked in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, for which Senator Corker is Chairman. We were able to sit down with Beverly for a quick interview and ask her a few questions about the experience. 

    What did you do on a day-to-day basis in Senator Corker's office? 

    On a day-to-day basis I answered constituent phone calls, attended meetings with staffers, and wrote memos on foreign policy topics. On certain days I sat in on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings that discussed issues ranging from U.S.-India Relations to efforts combatting Human Trafficking across the globe. I had the opportunity to give a Capitol tour and interact with so many different people. Occasionally the interns were called over to the Capitol to help prepare for the arrival of a head of state or deliver amendments to the Senate floor.  

    What was the coolest experience you had while working in Washington DC? 

    Honestly, it is difficult to name the “coolest experience.” Every day of the internship was amazing because I learned something new and I met someone new. My intern cohort had a chance to see the Dalai Lama, Prime Minister Modi of India, and other foreign officials. For example, my intern cohort met the Dalai Lama and listened to him pass on his wisdom about the importance of the next generation of leaders. I feel extremely fortunate because this internship gave us once in a lifetime opportunities to interact with a diverse group of people. While sitting in on Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings, we had front row seats to the interworkings of the United States government and to various leaders within our government. 

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