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JEM Faculty & Students Present at Spring Conferences

Several JEM faculty and students will present papers at various conferences throughout April and May.

JEM Associate Professor and CCI Associate Dean Catherine Luther, JEM Professor Sam Swan, and JEM Ph.D. students Ivanka Radovic and Iveta Imre are attending the Broadcast Education Association Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Luther will be presenting on a panel she organized called "Media and Democracy in the Middle East," while Swan, Radovic, and Imre will present on a panel called "High Democracy: Global News Ethics in Former Communist and Socialist Countries."

JEM Professor Paul Ashdown will present at the International Association for Literary Journalism Studies convention in Brussels, Belgium in May.

His paper is entitled "James Agee’s 'A Soldier Died Today':A Comparison of the Author’s Draft and the Published Story in Time."

JEM Assistant Professor Elizabeth Hendrickson attended the International Symposium on Online Journalism in Austin, Texas.

She presented as part of a panel discussion called "All About the Tweet and More."

JEM Ph.D. student Natalie Manayeva and JEM master's students Dzmitri Yuran and Justin West will attend the Central European Communication Forum in Krakow, Poland in May.

Manayeva will present two papers: “Framing Anti-Americanism: a study of Belarusian newspapers” and “Independent mass media in Belarus: origins and problems of public’s trust.”

Yuran will present a paper called “Anti-Americanism in modern Russia: the role of intellectuals and mass media" and West will present one called "Chilling Effect and Freedom of the Press in Mexico: Then and Now."