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JEM Faculty

Name Position E-mail Office
Catherine Luther's picture Catherine Luther Director;
Professor 333 Communications Bldg.
Julie Andsager's picture Julie Andsager Professor 333 Communications Building
Stuart N. Brotman's picture Stuart N. Brotman Howard Distinguished Endowed Professor of Media Management and Law;
Beaman Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media 430 Communications Building
Nicholas Geidner's picture Nicholas Geidner Associate Professor 333 Communications Bldg.
Mark Harmon's picture Mark D. Harmon Professor 333 Communications Bldg.
Rob Heller's picture Rob Heller Professor 254 Communications Bldg.
Joy Jenkins Assistant Professor 338 Communications Building
Barbara Kaye's picture Barbara Kaye Professor 333 Comm-UEB
Bob Legg's picture Bob Legg Associate Professor 265 Communications Bldg
Mark Littmann's picture Mark Littmann Hill Chair of Excellence in Science Writing;
CCI Board of Visitors Professor 267 Communications Bldg.
Michael T. Martinez's picture Michael Martinez Assistant Professor 333 Communications Bldg.
Amber Roessner's picture Amber Roessner Associate Professor 327 Communications Bldg.
Sam Swan's picture Sam Swan CCI Director of Internationalization and Outreach;
Professor 432 Communications Bldg.
Erin Whiteside's picture Erin Whiteside Associate Professor 333 Communications
Michael O. Wirth's picture Michael Wirth CCI Dean;
Professor 302 Communications Bldg.