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Internships: Starting the Search


The internship program at WBIR-TV is designed to allow a student to augment their classroom experience through participation in various business and news activities and projects. Internships are usually available in the following areas – News, Sports, Weather, Production, Sales, Marketing, and Web/Social Media. Students will learn about the television industry from the business and technical sides in all areas.


WATE offers 2 paid internship positions available in the Spring and Fall semesters. Paid interns will be compensated at minimum wage for 16 hours of work per week for 15 weeks. Paid interns must be seniors in their last year of study and be of advanced skill level as they will be given meaningful projects and tasks rather than routine chores. WATE recommends students applying for paid positions have at least one prior intern experience. Paid interns will be expected to work two eight-hour shifts per week.

Unpaid internship positions will also be available in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Unpaid interns will not be compensated for their hours of participation. Unpaid interns will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for paid internship positions. In addition, unpaid interns are not to be used to replace, or in place of, regular employees.


WVLT-TV offers an aggressive, hands-on training internship program. Through the program, college students can learn how all departments of a broadcast television station operate. Internships are non-compensated opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience. 


CNN has a well structured internship program that sets their interns up for success. Students have the opportunity to utilize the knowledge they have gained in the classroom and see how their studies translate into a professional setting. It's no surprise that an internship helps bridge the gap between being a successful student and an invaluable member of the CNN team.

Cityview Magazine

Cityview offers fall, spring, and summer internships in the fields of Journalism/Editorial, Advertising/Marketing, Layout/Design, Photography, and Business Management. All interested college students are encouraged to apply—there are no course or major requirements for any position.

All internships are part-time and unpaid. Cityview is happy to assist with paperwork and meeting requirements to receive course credit for any internship.

Ryan Seacrest Studios 

Seacrest Studios works with local journalism schools to provide internships for students that would like to gain firsthand experience in broadcasting and programming a multimedia center.