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Master's Programs

For more information about master's programs in the College of Communication and Information, click here.

The Master of Science degree in Communication and Information with a concentration in Journalism and Electronic Media has two tracks:

The professional program emphasizes training in journalism for newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and the Web. Students do a culminating project for their final course. The research track is for students who may want to pursue a doctorate and go into teaching or research for a career. These students will complete a thesis.

In their core courses, students will receive a solid background in research, theory, and law and will learn advanced skills in reporting and editing. Also, students will select electives to give them specialized information in fields like magazines, science communication, broadcast news operations, Web reporting, etc. Students will be assigned advisors who will help them design a program to meet their needs and goals.

The program attracts two types of students:

  • those with a professional background who wish to expand and update their skills
  • those who have an undergraduate degree in a field outside of journalism and no professional experience

For the second group of students, the program requires two three-hour courses in the summer before the program starts. These two intensive workshops provide a thorough background in the skills and knowledge necessary for a quality graduate program. No other prerequisites are required. Therefore, students with a professional background can complete the program in a calendar year and students without the background can finish in 13 months.

To apply, go to UTK Graduate School's website: university application form.

For more information on the programs, application procedures, and scholarship and assistanceship opportunities, visit the College's Office of Graduate Studies.