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Specialty Areas & Electives

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Students are encouraged to select one of the following potential specialty areas and complete four courses in that area.  Students may also select more than one specialty by selecting additional JEM and CCI Electives.  Students may also design a new specialty area. For information about professors and lecturers who specialize in certain areas, visit the Faculty/Staff Interests & Specialty Areas page.

Choose an area of interest below or scroll through to explore them all. 

Print/Web Journalism

Broadcast Journalism 

Sports Journalism

Science Journalism

Magazine Journalism

Visual Communication

Media Management

Other Areas


PRINT/WEB JOURNALISM:  333, 422, 420, 412

As the newest medium, the web offers students a vast variety of opportunities. The reporting and writing skills that were necessary for print are much the same for the web. Students who learn the multimedia skills taught for this medium will be highly marketable in the new news business of the future. These students can minor in a range of subjects such as history, political science, sociology and foreign languages.

BROADCAST JOURNALISM:  360 or 365, 411, 460, 422

Students interested in broadcast journalism are interested in careers as radio-TV-web reporters, producers, and anchors.  Students will learn multimedia reporting for all electronic media.  Many students in this area also minor in political science.

SPORTS JOURNALISM:  365, 375, 475, 422

Sports is a highly popular activity of society and this area of concentration is selected by many of our students. The number of organizations devoted to sports reporting and sports information is growing and the opportunities for multimedia reporting for traditional news organizations as well as specialty sports venues is increasing.

Read articles about our sports journalism here.

SCIENCE JOURNALISM:  422, 450, 451, 456

Students interested in science journalism prepare themselves for careers as science writers in universities, medical facilities and research labs as well we the traditional media of newspapers and magazines. Science oriented news web sites are also on the rise, and these sites are calling for reporters, writers, editors and graphics specialists who have multimedia skills. Read more about science communication courses here.

Read articles about our science journalism here.

MAGAZINE JOURNALISM:  333, 414, 415, 422

In this age of new media, magazine journalism is still a viable and popular option for many students. Magazines themselves are changing, and they need reporters and editors who can take them beyond the traditions of print and into the world of the web and mobile devices.

VISUAL COMMUNICATION:  336, 380, 390, 436, 446, 490

Students interested in visual communication are interested in careers as photojournalists, photo editors, publication designers, visual reporters, television video editors, television producers, television directors, television creative services and promotions. Many students in this area also minor in cinema studies or media art.

MEDIA MANAGEMENT:  320, 420, 470, 480

Students interested in media management are interested in careers in media promotions, media sale, media programming, and media management.  Many media management students minor in business administration


    • Business Reporting:  333, 430, 422 along with other approved JEM courses
    • Political Reporting:  333, 430, 422 along with other approved JEM courses
    •  Entertainment Reporting:  336, 411, 436, 460 along with other approved JEM courses
    • Web Journalism:  422 along with other approved JEM courses
    • International journalism: 494 Special Topics: International Communication along with other approved JEM courses

*Students may combine courses in the major with courses outside the college.  Courses outside of the major will not satisfy the JEM electives unless otherwise approved. Bring questions to group advising or see a JEM faculty member.

COLLEGE ELECTIVES (Select Two Courses from JEM or another unit in CCI)

Students are encouraged to consider a professional internship (JEM 498) for one of these courses.
Other possible electives might include:  Students in media management may wish to take Advertising 250, PR 270, or CS 240. Students in print/web journalism may wish to take PR 270.