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BuzzFeed Science Editor Set to Speak at 24th Hill Lecture

The gift Tom Hill and his sister Frances Hill Holton made to JEM allows for many of the world's most distinguished science writers to speak on UTK’s campus about what they see as the challenges facing science and science writing. This year's "Hill Lecture"  features Virginia Hughes, science editor at BuzzFeed.

“I'm delighted that Virginia Hughes will be our Hill Lecturer this year. She has already distinguished herself as a science writer in new media. For many people, the Internet is now the principal source of news, including what's happening in science, technology, and medicine. People rely on electronic news services like BuzzFeed more than newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. And that number is increasing,” said Dr. Mark Littmann, professor and organizer of the Hill Lecture.

Hughes will also be presenting a Master Class for students from across campus who are interested in science writing and have been nominated by their professors.

Hill Lectures are free and open to everyone. Virginia Hughes' Hill Lecture will be on Tuesday, March 29 at 8 p.m.  The location is TBA.