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Global News on the Cheap: Options for PSM to Expand Global News Coverage.

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Conference Paper


RIPE@2014 - Public Service Media Across Boundaries, Tokyo, Japan (2014)


Broadcast news organizations are beginning to discover the wide availability of what Harmon (2010) has called “cheap” video, what’s now becoming known as “found” video. This can include video content obtained in a variety of ways – from public and private surveillance cameras; releases from PR, NGOs, and public interest groups; UGC available from repositories and social media; media solicitations; and the relatively new option of raw news footage repositories. Since the high cost of traditional international news coverage is often cited as a reason for its relative scarcity in news product, we sought to take a look at how the emerging global video marketplace provides new, “cheap,” opportunities for news outlets, particularly PSM, to extend their international news coverage.
Specifically, we looked at research examining the use of social media, UGC, and other “found” or solicited sources for video and news coverage. While the focus of that research is fairly limited, it suggests a growing use of “found” video by broadcast news organizations; and some general observations as to what kinds of uses are most appropriate (from a journalistic perspective). We also looked at the opportunities that the growing diffusion of mobile broadband services offers for cultivating sources and “virtual foreign correspondents,” and the capacity to steam content and interviews from remote areas “live.”
As a result, the paper identifies and discusses many of the content and reporting resources available in the expanding global/mobile network, whose use would seem to fit within general journalistic practices and norms. Cash-strapped PSM could utilize some to provide relatively inexpensive opportunities to expand international news coverage efforts at minimal cost.