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JEM Students Chosen for Internships


Three young men who are currently students in the School of Journalism and Electronic Media have been chosen to participate in a summer internship program with This is a very competitive internship program and the University of Tennessee has attained an outstanding achievement with having three students chosen. UT is currently tied with UGA for the largest number of students landing one of these desired positions.

David Cobb will be covering the St. Louis Cardinals, Troy Provost-Heron the Florida Rays, and Dargan Southgard the Colorado Rockies. David and Dargan who graduate in May 2015 will be with their teams until the season is over in the fall, unless another job offer arises for either of the two. Troy, a junior, will be covering the Florida Rays from May 11 through mid August. The following interview with these three students include how they discovered this opportunity, advice to other students looking for internships, and what they hope to gain from their experience.<--break->

Q: How did you discover this internship opportunity?

Dargan: David applied for this internship both his sophomore and junior year. When I became friends with him he told me about it, and it was advertised as well on journalist job websites. David was the first to find it and since we all discuss the same things that’s how it circulated.

Q: What advice would you give to fellow journalism students regarding internships?

David: First and foremost start working where you are even if that’s covering a Lady Vols soccer game on a Friday night here at UT. You have to be willing to do the unglamorous things because that’s how you prove yourself. For a gig like this specifically, what came across the most in our letters and resumes was our work ethic and experience, you need to show that you work really hard.

Dargan: I would say that you can't go from nothing to a big internship; you have to work up the steps and do everything in between to at least have a realistic chance.

Q: What do you hope to gain from this opportunity?

Troy: More than anything this is another building block for my career. With help from good friends like David and Dargan and working everyday, this opportunity is another stepping stone to where I ultimately want to be which is working at the Boston Globe.

Dargan: This is a bigger deal since what I want to do is specifically be a baseball beat writer covering around 130-140 games a season. This internship offers an experience that you can’t get anywhere else, and they throw you in the fire, as you are the only guy there for, which is a learning experience.  

Q: What has prepared you for this experience?

David: For all three of us, the bulk of what we have learned was working at the Daily Beacon, the Daily Times in Maryville, and other newspapers. That is how we’ve learned and that’s been our classroom. What we learned at those newspapers was reinforced in the classroom, but there is no better teacher than experience.

Dargan: Journalism is more experience driven, and fortunately the athletics here are great for observing people who are successful in different ways through journalism and while watching them you can pick which way is best for you.

Troy: Outside of the classroom experiences.