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JEM Students Awarded at 2015 Chancellor's Honor Banquet

The School of Journalism and Electronic Media would like to congratulate all of the CCI students that and faculty that received awards at the 2015 Chancellor's Honors Banquet, including three Torchbearers out of nine. The following is a list recognizing the students of the School of Journalism and Electronic Media who received student awards at the Honors Banquet. Rilwan Balogun received the honor of Torchbearer, The Gene Mitchell Gray Pioneer Award, and the Extraordinary Professional Promise Award. Sarah Chewning received the awards of Extraordinary Academic Achievement and Outstanding Scholar Athlete. Kelsey Keny was awarded the honor of Torchbearer, and Chiazom Ugo-Obi received the award of Extraordinary Academic Achievement. Melodi Erdogan received the award of Extraordinary Professional Promise. Again, congratulations to all of these outstanding JEM students who receieved these honors.

We would also like to congratulate Dr. Sam Swan for receiving the Ready for the World Award in the faculty section!