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Scoop CoverScoop magazine is a magazine made for College of Communication and Information alumni, students and faculty that strives to keep its readers up to date with what’s happening around campus and at The University of Tennessee’s School of Journalism and Electronic Media, School of Advertising and Public Relations, School of Communication Studies and School of Information Sciences.

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This is the reader’s magazine, a magazine that celebrates CCI students past and present. We spotlight the faculty and other numerous ventures of CCI, including campus media outlets and organizations. In addition, Scoop keeps its eyes on media, always covering – and uncovering – the latest trends. We represent a college that is preparing students and alumni for a changing job market, and we will be there to explain how and why the world of communication is changing in an effort to best serve our readers.

More than anything, Scoop is exciting. We are motivated by our mission and we want our readers to be able to take the same pride in their work and the work of their colleagues. This magazine also functions as an educational tool for JEM students interested in magazine journalism and it celebrates all the exciting changes within the publishing industry. It’s an ideal time for a fresh outlook, and Scoop stands prepared to deliver all that and more.