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JEM Professional Graduate Track

Students without an academic or professional background in the field must take two three-hour classes that will be offered in the second session of summer school.

  • JEM 503 Workshop in Journalism across the Media I (3)
  • JEM 504 Workshop in Journalism across the Media II (3)

Core (7 hours)

  • C&I 501 Orientation to Graduate Study (1 hour)
  • C&I 540 Communication Theory (3 hours)
  • JEM 512 Mass Media Research Methods (3 hours)

Concentration Courses (15 hours)

  • JEM Core
    • JEM 515 Advanced Reporting across the Media (3)
    • JEM 530 Mass Communication Law in a Democratic Society (3 )
  • JEM Electives
    • 9 hours of electives within school (at least one 500-level course)

College Electives (9 hours)

  • Choose one course: within the college but outside the School of Journalism and Electronic Media
  • Choose two courses: from a list of electives in consultation with advisor

Master's Project (3 hours)