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Faculty discuss media and politics


Local news stations have asked JEM faculty members to provide context to the Trump presidency and current media culture.

Professor Amber Roessner appeared on WBIR to discuss social media use during Trump's Inauguration.

"He was really focusing on those anti-establishment and populist tones that kind of echo to some degree back to Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan."

View her full interview here.

UTK JEM Student Balances School, Volleyball, and Internships

Claudia Coco


Claudia Coco is an extremely busy person. She's an integral member of Tennessee's volleyball team, she's a full-time journalism and electronic media student at UT, and she is an intern with VFL Films, the official film production team for Tennessee athletics. 

It's not an easy task juggling everything on day-to-day basis and we spoke to Claudia about how she does it...